Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was so much more fun since John knew what was going on. He was so ready to rip into those presents and he had plenty to rip into. We all had such a nice Christmas and we even had a white one at that. I've never seen it snow so hard! It was just beautiful. The only thing that would have made the day any better is if we could have been with the rest of our family who reside in Florida and my in-laws. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Updating for the few who read this

Since Nannie got on to me that I have not updated in a long while, I thought I had better get to it. Since Kate started Kindergarden, Brian has gotten a new job, we have sold our home in Helena, bought a home in Madison and Kate started a new kindergarden. The transistion went really smoothly. Kate has already made friends and so has John. I have also made a new friend and believe it or not, she is as crafty as me if not more so. I'm loving it!!!! All our neighbors have been really nice and inviting. Kate loves her new school and teacher and is doing really well. She is already starting to read and is always asking how to spell stuff now. John is talking up a storm now and is in full force boy mode. He is the sweetest angel one moment and then he is the meanest child with whining on the side! He is definitely my child as he basically looks identical to me.
For Halloween Kate wanted to be a cow girl so of course John wanted to be a cow boy because he wants to do everything Kate does. They were both cute and had a pretty good time trick-or-treating. We also had some friends come up from Mobile and visit us and we went to the pumpkin patch. I'll post pics of that below. Other than that we are just preparing for Thanksgiving at my mom's house and trying to make lists for Santa and also getting ready for my brother's wedding which will be in May.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kate started Kindergarden

Kate started kindergarden yesterday and rode the bus there and back home. I was a little nervous about the whole bus thing, but she was so stoked that I couldn't tell her no. The only problem was that after she got on the bus and after the bus left I realized I had her sleep mat still on my arm! So I drove it up there after the traffic had subsided. She had a great day and made it home ok. That same day John had his two year old check up and he is 50% in height and 25% in weight. But overall, he is a healthy kid. We also sold our house on the same day. Crazy huh? We will be moving to Madison Alabama for a new job for Brian with TVA. He is super excited plus it is closer to both of our families, so they can help us out with the kids and we can maybe have a date night. Hope to keep everyone updated on the upcoming move.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bad Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger. It isn't that I don't want to. I just get distracted easily. Plus, you can find so many cool things to look at online. Plus I have been working on all sorts of stuff lately so I just keep forgetting to blog. I apologize to the few that still want to see what is going on with us! I promise I will post sooner. I will be on blogger more now since my best bud LBJ just fixed me up with a blog for my business. Check it out: . So hopefully I will do it justice by keeping it up to date! Talk to you later!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well, it has been since October since I've blogged and I'm sure a million things have happened so I'll try to update to the best of my knowledge. I had a birthday. We went to Decatur for Thanksgiving and spent it with my family. Right after we came home from my family's house, we packed up the car and drove to Fernandina Beach, FL where my in-laws rented a house across the street from the beach. The weather was good most of the time and Kate actually got into the water!!!! It was cold.... believe me. I would post pics but I wiped them all off of this computer because it was acting up. We went there so that Brian could help his dad work on their sail boat and shortly after we got there my MIL, me, the kids and three dogs loaded up in my car and headed to Orlando so that we could see Brian's grandmother and Flap Jack (her husband) and take Kate to Disney.

The Magic Kingdom was so pretty. Believe it or not, there were a lot of people there. But we had a great time and Kate got her picture made with several of the princesses and some other characters. I wish we could have gone one more day because we didn't get to see all of the Magic Kingdom, but we still had a good time. I'm so glad that Cindy (MIL) got to go with us and see how excited Kate was to see it all for the first time. Then we went back to Fernandina Beach to see how the work was going on the boat. The next day Brian and I got to go alone to see Cumberland Island. It was so beautiful. I've never seen trees that beautiful before. If I ever get the pics on here again, I will post some that I took. The island was breath taking and we even saw wild horses running around and an armadillo. It was nice to spend some alone time with the hubby and sort of relax (there was a lot of walking involved on the island)!

The next day was really crappy because it was so cold and rainy but we went to some shops and made the most out of it. We then, sadly, had to pack our stuff up and return home. I do have to say that the kids were great in the car both there and back. I'm so proud of them!

After all of that, I started embroidering like a mad women for Christmas and Christmas shopping and decorating and the sort. We went up to Decatur to visit with my family the Wednesday before Christmas and the kids got all kids of stuff. Then on Christmas Eve we headed back home to get ready for Santa to visit. Of course when we woke up, we realized that Santa had made a huge mess all over the house by tracking in snow or ashes all the way to our tree. Kate couldn't believe he made such a mess! John thought it was cool to run through it! My mom, step dad and grandmother came down to see what Santa brought and to eat Christmas lunch with us. We all had a great time but I think we are all glad it is over. Here is a synopsis of what we all got:

Brian: Perfect Push up bars, book, clothes, VCR/DVD combo player, tools, money and a Cuisinart blender/chopper, stick vacuum, flat panel tv
Mel: clothes, vcr/dvd combo player, money, books, lotion, purse, flat panel TV, Electrolux stick vacuum, magazine subscription
Kate: Leapster games, books, puzzle, games, Loving family house and all the furniture, barbie clothes, movies
John: Inflatable ball pit, pop up tent, wagon with legos, fisher price guitar, lots of books, clothes, stuffed animals, balls(soccer, football, basketball and bouncy), and a puzzle

I think that sums it up. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm a bad blogger!!!!

I just forget to do it. And when I do remember, I don't have time to. So, I thought since I have a minute and I'm remembering to do it, I should blog as fast as possible. There is no telling when I'll be back here again. We have stayed very busy. Kate and John have both started school. Kate is in K4 and loves it. She is learning so much. She can say the Pledge of Allegiance and she has learned three bible verses. She is also learning to cut with scissors and she is learning to color in the lines. She loves loves loves her teacher Ms. Carla and I couldn't be more pleased. Well, if she could stay longer every day then I would be ecstatic. John loves school too. He just doesn't want me to leave him. He is now walking, I mean running and getting into everything. We fairly recently spent an evening in the ER for the first time. We always figured it would be Kate we would have to rush up there, but it ended up being John. Kate taught John to throw himself on the beanbag and it was too close to our coffee table and he knocked a hole in his forehead. Seriously, a hole. It almost looked like he had another eye. So off to the ER we went. He got three stitches and thought it was a blast going there. I hope this is not a sign of things to come!!!!

I've recently been in a Craft festival in Mt. Laurel and it was such a nice festival. I'm checking into others that I might participate in and hope I do well. I recently finished the kids matching Alabama outfits and they finally wore them yesterday. They were so cute!!!!!! Here is a pic.

Even if you are a fan of another team, you have to admit, they turned out cute! I've also made some new hair bows. Here are a few pics...

I've also been embroidering some stuff, but I haven't got pics of them yet. If I get back on here fairly soon, I will post pics of them. Until then.....Gotta go.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Year

Little John is one now and I can't believe it. He is growing so fast. He weighs about 21 pounds but is tall and skinny. I believe the doc said he is 31 inches. He already has such a personality. I love him so much but could do without some of his attitude. He is such a boy.... getting into everything and rough and tumble. But he is also so loving. Even though it takes a lot more effort to do anything with him, I can't imagine life without him.